Devilz工房 Wiki

Devilz工房 Wiki (Devilz Koubou Wiki) is a wiki whose main goal is to document the work product of Aidoru Hands Music Company. A Devilz工房 (Devilz Koubou) is a place where the creatives of Aidoru Hands Music Company go to collaboratively create artistic projects. The Devil's Workshop Wiki is an online resource designed to provide a place for the Aidoru Hands Music Company to (1) document their work, (2) educate and inform the larger internet community about our Idol Culture, and (3) provide context to understand our projects. This wiki concerns Idols and Idol Culture that subscribes to the Japanese tradition of Idols (和風アイドル), as opposed to K-pop or C-pop.

This wiki will have the 3 goals of:
1) Serving as an organizing tool for projects that Aidoru Hands Music Company is developing;
2) providing documentation of the company's resources for easy in house reference; &
3) serving as an in-house collaborative space for brainstorming and sound-boarding creative ideas.

Our hope is that this increases productivity by centralizing information.
This is to streamline work, not create it. Be sure to not duplicate work already done. If it does not do one of the 3 stated goals, don't do it, you are just wasting time.


How to use the calendar


How to Create Entries
How to Add Events to the Calendar
Projects ← What we are doing and when.
Company Documentation ← Why and how we do things
Idol Entries ← A List of Idols (Both National and Local Idols) in the industry.
Idol Culture Entries ← Entries for things like Wotagei and Mawari.
I'm new to idols, where do I start?← an informational page for people who have never heard of Idols.
Why do you keep talking about the Culture of Idols? ← An informational page for people who have experienced Idols in a vacuum.