Fake-Pop is...?

Fake-Pop is a genre of fusion music that takes
influence from Kayoukyoku and J-Pop (both of which
are Japanese genres of music with Western Music
influences). The genre can be thought of as
American J-Pop.

The genre is a child of the Idol Song
Genre, but is less restrictive in both its musical
and lyrical themes. F-Pop may be less accesible in
its themes than its popular music parents. Lyrics
can be mixed language, and the themes will generally
be similar to the themes of Idol Song.
Unlike Idol Song, F-Pop songs need not be sung by
a person who identifies as an Idol.

The genre aspires to be a type of "fine art" within a "consumer pop" veneer.
There is a higher focus on creating works of art, as opposed
to merely synergizing with the zeitgiest to be profitable.