Aidoru Hands

Aidoru [eye*dough*roux] (アイドル) Hands Music Company
is a Music Publishing Company that is dedicated to
establishing a catalogue of songs in the
Fake-Pop (F-Pop) Genre, and the promulgation of the Japanese tradition
of Foreign Idols (和風アイドル) in North America.
Ultimately, the goal of the company is to produce songs for a
Foreign Idol (海外アイドル) Group Produced by Aidoru Hands Music
Company itself.

The company is looking for creatives to partner with to bring
the company's visions for F-Pop Idols to fruition, this could
include creatives like: singers; dancers; actors; painters;
illustrators; music producers; tailors; make-up artists;
videographers; and audio engineers.

On a case by case situation, the company will provide compositions
to artists looking to make F-Pop adjacent music. Depending
on the working relationship with the artist, the company may
take commissions for songs. If you would like to partner
with us, please contact us.